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Day of "Síly územní obrany" Czech Army


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Several months ago in Králiky citadel's area was realised commemorative  action to 55. anniversaryKráliky - town hall liberation of Czechoslovakia and ending The World War Two. Our club was take part like one of the convener and the members of club were concern in battle like the German Wehrmacht soldier in a different roles. We recording lot of video material, which will be gradually to give to you. We will try to arrange view on battle for the people who could not come to Mobilazace-Cihelna 2000.

Enclosed you will find the following three parts:

1. German army attacked the Czechoslovak Republic
2. The Czechoslovak army is in defence
3. Snapshot from backstage and Czech army program's

Panorama - in new window - 1600x243 83kB

Germany army attacked the Czechoslovak Republic

It is autumn of 1938, the international situation is complicated. President Beneš refuse the Munich dictates and so German army prepares occupation Czechoslovakia. They situated the most modern armyHakl + 88mm cannon technique near the border, like troop-carrier, light anti-tank cannon, in this time still unknown, but in the future feared anti-aircraft 88mm cannon and another army material. The elite of German army is prepared: panzer grenadiers, shock pioneers, units of SS and paratroopers. There are prepare the Ju 87 bombers. All is prepare to abase young and small, but in any case do not forceless Czechoslovak army. This army insist on the border citadels system, which compensate superior force of enemy. Army is accommodate with modern arms and accoutrements with the big decision to protect country.
The borders are closed after declaration of mobilization. After that " Freicorps" attack, but without success, because the borders are protected by the Guard of defense state (SOS) , Financial guard, units Field gendarmery with the help of armoured car model 30. Then follow reconnaissance of elite units, which force all Czechoslovak units to retreat into the citadels area. The fire from blockhouse stop theExtemporary ambulance reconnaissance and turn back them. The furious German soldiers tumble boundary stone in the retreat. German negotiator go to settle on free transit through the citadels zone. This exaction is withheld. The only what is agreed is short armistice for the displaced hurt soldiers and fire-blast.
After end of armistice, the German's heavy artillery start to plough up the precincts near the blockhouse. The blockhouse, built to an extreme degree of robustness, stand without damage, but the nearest precincts reminiscent of moon scenery. After that follows attack of Ju 87 bombers. But hit the camouflage blockhouse is impossible so they only extend numbers of craters near the blockhouse. The German army feed next technique from the reason of temporal paralysis blockhouse after bombing. Into the firing position are transported antiaircraft 88mm cannon, anti-tank cannon 37mm cannon and mine-thrower 80mm calibre to support and shelter attack of shock pioneers. 

Blockhouse in smokeFirst of all they do the way through the block system with the bar-blast and them they approach neat to right wing of blockhouse. The blockhouses is blinded like the another blockhouses by the mist and its fire is random. Shock pioneers destroy right casemate with the help of paratroopers, who jumped down at the night before attack. On this moment await the mass of German infantry and they begin attack. It look that nobody can stop aggressor ….

                                                              Translation David Maršálek and Jiří Kučera

The Czechoslovak army is in defence - 2nd part
Snapshot from backstage and Czech army programs - 3rd part

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