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  Dear visitors to our pages, we would like to present you Military-Historical Club Erika Brno.

 The Military-Historical Club Erika Brno (VHK Erika Brno) was founded in 1996 
as a non-profitable and non-government organization. It is registered by the Home Office 
of the Czech Republic.
 VHK Erika Brno associates amateurs who are interested in military history.
The members are organized in different sections depending on their specialization.
 VHK Erika Brno specializes in collecting and amateur research. The members of Erika search for pieces of information and contemporary materials, they take part in reconstructions of historical military battles and co-organized them. They act in television and video documents and take part in conference on historical military topics.
  Activities of our club are not limited to the territory of the Czech Republic. The main part 
of the club’s activities are expeditions to the battlegrounds of World War I. and II. P
laces where Czechoslovakian army units fought are our main point of interest.
 The members of VHK Erika Brno are informed about military-historical activities  and interesting meetings by an occasional newsletter called CAESAR. It informs readers about all kinds of described activities (by means of photos, articles and contributions).

 Unfortunately, an English version of these pages is being prepared only now, but meanwhile you can visit our rich photo and video archives of reenactments and expeditions.

 We hope that you’ll enjoy reading our pages.

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